If every child had a mentor


We believe all young people deserve the certainty that comes with having a basic knowledge of self-defense, a life plan and a mentor to help them achieve their goals. We offer these to young people in exchange for service to their communities.


These three facet assist in the proper development of young people, but especially in uncertain times, these tools are imperative to help them succeed in life. 


The students served by the school are typically from low-income families, often without mature, positive, role models, and they come from middle- to low-income neighborhoods - to abject poverty. For many students, access to basic needs (good nutrition and a stable home life)—more or less the character-building lessons of the martial arts and professional life coaching—are simply out of reach, if even in the realm of the known.


Our model has proven successful for nearly a decade, and in that time we’ve provided this education and mentorship on a total school budget of only about $3,000 per year!  Moreover, we believe this model is scalable to any corner of the world, and over the coming years we plan to prove it.


There would be little need for self-defense