“Teaching Is Learning”


The School of the Way’s Teachers are high achievers by any definition of the term. They stand for their communities, which we believe is the greatest measure of achievement. 


Some are raising families, some have achieved advanced degrees, certificates and other honors—and all are highly successful in their personal and professional endeavors. They come from various walks of life and various styles of martial arts, but they share a common Code and are experts in the process of human achievement. And they share this knowledge freely with their students.


As experts in the martial arts, they know how to set and achieve goals and how to be unstoppable in the face of adversity. Progressive in their understanding of personal growth and achievement, they are very traditional in their approach to teaching the martial arts and put a high value on tradition and etiquette in the dojo.


“Each One Teach One” – And Our Students Will Do Likewise for Generations to Come…















Teacher Bryan Gately - Head of School, Tao Dojo 3rd Dan







Teacher Ed Gillespie, Tao Dojo 2nd Dan



Teacher Ted Moss, Tao Dojo 2nd Dan