“A mentor. A martial art. A Code to live by. A way of life.”


Mentorship is fundamental to the life of a martial artist. Ascending through the ranks of a given martial art is a classic study in mentorship, typifying the Student/Teacher/Master (“one who has regained the student mind) relationship and growth process. 


Our senior students also have the opportunity to mentor and maybe someday become Teachers themselves. This is the wheel of mentorship and mastery that has spun for thousands of years. This is apprenticeship, guild, internship—craft. Handed down over the generations, it is something our society is losing and needs to be regained if our young people are to move forward in life and achieve what’s important to them.


Each student in the school is under the mentorship of several Black Belt Teachers, Life Coaches and Senior Students, and the Black Belt Teachers are under the mentorship of the school’s Master Advisors.

Each one teach one.