Life Plan – an actionable plan for achieving what’s important to you in life


Life Plan is one of the Four Pillars of The School of the Way. The foundation of Life Plan is rooted in transformational learning concepts, where students become aware that for them to powerfully achieve what they want in life, they must operate on three distinct levels:





“Have” – What do you want to have in life?

For many of our students, this can be as simple as a peaceful home life, a vehicle, a GED, a job, or to own their own home.


“Do” – What do you need to do to achieve it?

What are the milestones that must be achieved to get what you want to have? For example, to secure a job you need a resume, a professional suit or outfit for an interview, to have rehearsed responses to certain questions, etc.


“Be” – Who (or how) do you need to be in relationship to your goals to achieve them?

For them (and most humans), this is where we get stuck. We know what we want to have, we do what we need to do, but we are not aware of who we are “being” in relation to these goals.



The monthly Life Plan sessions have been developed to give students the framework, tools, training and coach & peer support to achieve their life goals. In the Life Plan, students share their short- and long-term goals with the rest of the school, and receive guidance and coaching by a professional Life Coach. By sharing their goals in community, students bring them to life and are able to receive support and help from the rest of the school. It also creates an accountability structure for the students and their goals, which goes beyond the dojo and into their daily lives.



At Tao Dojo, belt promotions are inextricably tied to Life Plan achievements. At their first Life Plan class, students set their own white belt goal (which is mutually agreed upon with the instructor). This goal and other goals must be achieved for them to progress through the ranks. 



One step at a time