"Even a monk cannot shave his own head" ~ Korean proverb

The students of The School of the Way are required to develop a "Life Plan" - to be actively engaged in setting and achieving short and long-term goals in and around what is important to them.  To this end a cohort of professional Life Coaches volunteer their time to work with the students in the monthly Life Plan sessions held at the school.

The school's Life Coaches are humble, driven Teachers who work with the students to help them define and achieve their goals and to breakthrough when they are facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Objectivity.  Insight.  And action in alignment with your goals.

School of the Way Life Coaches:











Ms. Anissa Cadar,

School of the Way Co-Founder

Teacher Dave Elliot, Tao Dojo 4th Dan

Ms. Susan Borden

I discovered The School of the Way when I read Teacher John's article in the SmartCeo magazine detailing Black Belt Business principles. As a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do who knows firsthand the gift of the martial arts...who runs an entrepreneurial business...and who supports transformation every day as a professional relationship coach, I caught the vision.  As Ghandi said... "Be the change you wish to see in the world." 

My relationship with The School of the Way began when founder John Starling invited me to bring my coaching skills to its students. Spending time with young people who commit to fulfilling goals week to week was fun and inspiring.  Every one of them, from the 5 year olds to the teens, participated fully and it was exciting to listen to them create their own lives!

Anissa Cadar is force for good in the world.  She is 100 percent committed to people, and especially young people discovering and achieving what's important to them.  From the school's inception, Anissa has been a bedrock of clarity and integrity for the students and teachers of The School of the Way.  She is simply unstoppable.