We call ourselves “practitioners” of the martial arts 


The lessons of the martial arts cannot be counted, but among them and in no particular order are:


-Achievement: being constantly engaged in the process of achievement and reinvention—setting and reaching goals, only to set another goal.

-Humility: to approach life with a student’s mind, even when you become a Teacher, and to understand that there is always someone a little further up the mountain than you—and always someone struggling to achieve what you already have. Never being too proud to learn or too busy to Teach.

-Rites of Passage: practicing the martial arts and ascending through the ranks of The Order of Black Belt while being present to the parallel rites of passage in other aspects of your life.

-Honor: to hold yourself and others in the highest regard, knowing that everyone is fighting some battle within themselves—and you can be of service to them.

-Commitment: gaining the fruits of a life of commitment by finishing what we have put our word to.

-Integrity: Understanding that our word makes our world and having integrity with our word makes us capable of achieving anything we are willing to put our word to.

-Certainty: being armed with the knowledge that much of what we need to know in order to keep ourselves and others safe in this world is knowable.

-Respect: the understanding that there are people who have seen and done more than us and that we can honor them with a deep listening.

-Order: that there actually is an order to the universe and that we are capable of finding order in it.

-Chaos and how to handle it with grace and ease, being a refuge for others in the process.

-Hard Work, Integrity, Compassion and Patience



“There are Many Roads, But there is only One Way” – and it is our job to help students find their Way.

Practice. Practice. Practice.