"You matter."


"I will always remember these words from Teacher John, who encouraged me that I matter when I felt discouraged by my High school counselor at the time. Whenever I tried to come to my counselor's office for help, she was always busy. Teacher John encouraged me to keep showing up at my counselor's office to show her how determined I was in achieving my goals. My efforts paid off and my counselor eventually helped me. The School of the Way is a great mentoring & martial arts school. Students who are enrolled in this program not only learn about martial arts but they are also guided by their teachers on how to achieve their goals in life." Ferlyn Virtudes is pursuing her B.A. degree.

"The school of the was has helped me grow in more ways than just as a martial artist. I have learned self respect, self control, and above all respect for others. Each day I went to the dojo I was faced with a new set of challenges and a new set of goals to achieve" - Zackary Austin, U.S. Army

"When I joined "Tao Dojo," we were taught to plan. Goal setting and planning to work towards meeting a goal is one of the things that helped me prepare for my career in the military. I didn't know it was somewhat a training ground for me to be exposed to mentors and leaders as I would later be exposed to drill sergeants in the army. Thanks to all my mentors who have helped me at The School of the Way." Franz Virtudes, U.S. Army

Thomas Lawson is now a college graduate, a husband and the father of a beautiful baby girl!

Thomas Lawson is now a college graduate, a husband and the father of a beautiful baby girl!

Evan Green is currently living his childhood dream of serving  in The United States Air Force.

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