The School of the Way operates from the donations of individuals & organizations around Baltimore and around the world.


Teachers and Life Coaches at the school are unpaid volunteers, so 100% of your donation goes towards uniforms, equipment and scholarship for our students.  A uniform costs $30 and there have been times when the school has given gift cards from area grocery stores to the families of students who were uncertain about where their next meal was coming from - so no donation  is too small or too large.  


Donations can be accepted online (above) via PayPal and are not currently tax deductible, but the school is in the process of obtaining 501C3 status.  


Patrons wishing to make a major donation to the school should contact the school and time their donation with the receipt of our 501C3 status in order to gain the tax benefits of that status.

We are grateful to the  following individuals, families and organizations for their contributions to The School of the Way and all that it stands for...

Shambala International

CRC Salamon

Pam and Bob Piro

PSA Financial

The Fallston Group

The Faughnan Family

George and Pam Stewart


Bottom Line Growth Strategies


Mind Over Machines

Tobechi Tobechukwu

Lion Brothers

Forecast Strategic Advisors

Skeen Leadership

Terra Logos

Captain Jerry's

Clark Leadership

Smith Growth Partners

Silver Crayon

Dan DeRooy

Gayle Becker

Jonathan Hanna

*If you've made a donation to The School of the Way and don't see your or your organization's name listed above, please Contact Us and kindly remind us and we will post it immediately. 

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