“There are many roads but there is only one Way”



To be a Teacher in The School of the Way or to open a school in your part of the world in The School of the Way’s name (with our help), you must be a Black Belt in a given martial art (or the equivalent in an art that does not use a belt system). 


And you must give up the ego-based idea that your art is “The one true art” in the name of standing for young people having access to the Mentoring & Martial Arts. Working within an integrated system makes it possible for any group of Teachers to come together and teach, seeking the commonalities, and thus being able to share the teaching load in our busy lives.


Prospective Teachers must successfully interview with current School of the Way Teachers and potentially with the school’s Advisors in order to asses whether the aspiring teacher is qualified to teach in alignment within our Martial Philosophy, Curriculum and  Code, and is well intended. 


We are not so concerned with what particular martial art you are teaching; we want to know where you are teaching from. A full heart and an empty cup are characteristics we look for in a Teacher, along with a strong work ethic, integrity and patience. And an iron-clad commitment to the growth of our young people.


Very selectively, expert-level martial arts practitioners who did not pursue rank or who were Black Belt eligible and did not test or succeed in their test are considered for teaching in The School of the Way. We are most interested in your commitment to young people and are sometimes willing to allow you to enter The Order of Black Belt through The School of the Way by learning our integrated curriculum. It is possible to “finish” with us but as you know, there is no “finish” and the First Dan is the “first step” in a much longer journey.


If you would like to Teach at The School of the Way or open a school in our name, employing our model and participating in its development, and you have thoroughly reviewed this Website, please Contact Us.

– and we help students find their Way.