Become a Student


Student Requirements

-Students must successfully interview in order to be accepted into the school 

-Students must be on time for class (which means early)

-If students must be late or absent, they should honor their word by letting a teacher know they will be late

-Students must sign a Baltimore City Parks and Recreation participation form, and students must sign a photo release form

-Students must sign a liability waiver indemnifying the School against any claims against the school or its Teachers

*Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign along with them


The Teachers of the School of the Way reserve the right to not teach any student deemed by their experience and judgment to be too immature or otherwise unfit or unready to be trusted with the potentially lethal techniques that are passed from Teacher to student through the course of the study of the martial arts, and to do so without comment or justification to any person or authority.


To apply to become a student at The School of the Way, simply show up 15 minutes early for class and interview with a Black Belt Teacher/Mentor.


All necessary forms for enrollment can be obtained from the office of the Roosevelt Recreation Center. Please complete these forms in advance of arriving at class.  All forms must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to participating in class.


Our students are required to build a Life Plan. Their tuition is that they serve their communities and learn and live our common Code as members of The Order of Black Belt: Growth through Hard Work. Integrity. Compassion and Patience.